Immigration and Management Consultations

If you are a legal immigrant in the U.S. and have any questions about U.S. Immigration Law, please email us at:
Management Consultation: TOC is a strong leader in management consultation, with clients in the USA, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Ukraine and China. If you need help in starting a new business, please email us at:

1. Are you a Work & Travel Student? We can help you find work!

2. Are you a trained professional in your home country? We can place you in training programs in the USA (6 and 12 month programs)

3. Are you a seasonal worker? We have jobs for you!

4. Are you 15-18 years of age? We can help you to locate American families to live with and attend High School.

5. Are you a student? We can help you find a helpful American college and English as a Second Language support services.