Helpful Information for Harrisburg, PA USA

Ivo Yolov and our Colombian Work and Travel students


c. Harrisburg Public Library/Free Internet Access:

Important resources such as free Internet access, language materials,, books, videos and music are available to all city residents. Please google “Harrisburg Public Library” to find the Library branch nearest you.

a. U.S. Social Security Administration:

All exchange students, trainees and temporary employees residing in the U.S. are required by U.S. law to obtain a Social Security card. This may be done be visiting the Harrisburg Office of the Social Security Administration, located in downtown Harrisburg adjacent to the Pennsylvania Senate Office Building.To locate Social Security office in all 50 US States. Please visit their website at:

b. Public Transportation in Harrisburg:

The city of Harrisburg provides comprehensive bus transportation for city residents. Please visit their website: for bus schedule information.